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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Did painkiller addiction and pressure of making a comeback kill Michael Jackson?

His death may have stunned the world of music, but those who knew Michael Jackson say the warning signs of his fading health were clear.

They claim his long-term addiction to painkillers is the obvious underlying health issue which – combined with the considerable pressure of attempting a showbusiness comeback - may just have claimed his life.

Incoming report!: 'Collapsed after an injection of potent Demerol'...

Yet another rumor or is that what really happened? Only time will tell folks.

Michael Jackson Rehearsed at Staples Center The Night Before His Death

Last night Michael Jackson had the “best show ever”—a rehearsal at Los Angeles’ Staples Center. Sources tell me he was thrilled about the show and very excited about his upcoming London shows.

That should scotch any rumors about Jackson being unable to perform, or depressed or anything else.

Michael Jackson: Exclusive Last Photo!

Exclusive photo from inside the ambulance!

Michael jackson has died at 50 reports TMZ

TMZ reports that Michael Jackson has died.

The gossip site says that King of Pop Michael Jackson suffered a cardiac arrest early in the afternoon with EMTs working furiously to revive him.

They also report that when the paramedics arrived, Jackson reportedly had no pulse.

The singer is survived by his three children — Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince “Blanket” Michael Jackson II.